MASE Auditing and Compliance Software for z/OS RACF

MASE Continuous Audit and Policy Compliance Software for z/OS RACF measures compliance with repeatable, defined, and managed processes. The result is thorough, high frequency automated audits at dramatically lower costs. MASE is the proven solution in the largest data centers with multiple IBM facilities. 

  • MASE performs a complete security and system integrity audit daily – automatically.

  • MASE produces a fully automated security scorecard that reports deviations from installation specific security standards and IBM best practices.

  • MASE analyzes all important RACF security parameters, profiles and privileges.

  • MASE replaces ad hoc audit methods with a disciplined, standardized approach.

  • MASE reports are in Excel for easy analysis and communication.

  • MASE keeps the security and system standards up to date across multiple facilities and systems. Standards fixed on one facility propagate across all related facilities.

MASE dramatically reduces the cost of z/OS audit and compliance while improving system security and integrity.

The z/OS RACF audit landscape is littered with tools that have proven complex, cumbersome, costly, and time consuming. MASE eliminates complexity while increasing the scope of the audit.

MASE -  Taming the problem of IBM z/OS computer security and system integrity auditing.